Fundraising is all about relationships. How can Smarter Good help with that remotely?

So true! It is all about relationships. We have seen over and over again that strong peer-oriented relationships between social entrepreneurs and grantmakers lead to greater success in securing funding. We support EDs as the point person for donors, leading the face-to-face meetings and making the phone calls.

Our team is behind the scenes managing the moves and planning the workflow behind those efforts. We produce the content for outreach to request meetings and follow-up after meetings, and we produce the proposals, requests and reports that grow and steward those relationships.

How does it work with the Smarter Good team working in a different time zone?

Really well, actually. We schedule check-in meetings with you during your work day, and when North Americans have gone home for the evening, our team in Manila can move things forward during their workday so that you wake up to progress. For organizations with offices in Asia and Africa, the Smarter Good team leverages our time zone and workday overlap with Eastern hemisphere countries to coordinate with those offices, gathering information and documentation needed for proposals and reports.

What does Smarter Good offer compared to an in-house development person?

Smarter Good’s team can provide a comprehensive view of the funding and social sector landscape. Our team works at the nexus of the social sector and grantmakers, enabling us to provide a broader view than an individual employee within an organization could. Our database of funders that we’ve researched continues to grow and each time we submit a grant application, we gain valuable information that we can provide to all of our clients.

Do client organizations usually have a Development Director or does Smarter Good take the place of one?

It depends. Larger organizations partner with us to support their Development Directors, with Smarter Good filling the role of a Development Manager or Associate. Smaller organizations use us in place of in-house development staff. Newer organizations use us to put a system in place and get over the learning curve. Some of our clients keep partnering with us over the long-term, while with others we plan from the outset to build their internal capacity and turn the system over to in-house staff.

How do you quantify the value of Smarter Good’s service?

For small organizations, in-house development staff can be hard to recruit, expensive to take on and hard to retain. We have seen development staff turn over at almost every client organization, sometimes twice in one year. For the same price as one entry-level in-house development staff member, Smarter Good provides a team of 4-5 experienced strategists and content developers who bring focused time and attention to your organization’s strategic goals.

What is a standard engagement period and what results can be expected?

Clients typically sign on for an initial 6 – 12 months. During this time, you can expect to receive: a well-researched and vetted Funder Prospect List; in depth Potential Funder Reports; a Moves Action Plan that identifies your top Prospects and a monthly plan to cultivate them; and Fundraising Materials including email outreach notes, letters of intent, grant proposals, and other materials as needed.