How We Work


We do the behind-the-scenes work, so Executive Directors and their teams can spend more time building relationships with key influencers and stakeholders, refining programs, and supporting their teams.


We help our clients build capacity and plan multiyear strategies to build a stronger resource base and organizational foundation.


We take a team approach. For the same price as an entry level development staff member, you get a dedicated team of 4 – 5 strategists and content developers who are exclusively focused on your fundraising goals.


We leverage our experience and landscape view. Our team has decades of experience working with local and global social sector organizations across the spectrum of program areas (including health, technology, media, education, youth development, economic policy, and humanitarian response). We have researched over 4,000 funders, submitted hundreds of LOIs, concept notes and proposals, and helped our clients raise millions of dollars. Our approach gives us a broader view than an individual in-house employee could have, eliminating the learning curve and helping organizations more quickly understand their funding landscapes and implement best practices in fundraising and finance.


We envision a social sector that scales solutions to the size of the need, creates more impact, and solves our world’s most intractable problems, once and for all.

When smart professionals around the world join forces to build strong organizations, we can achieve this vision.