Our international team of Doers is making an impact.


Smarter Good is a dynamic and fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Our growing group works as an integrated team, with the common goal of helping social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations create lasting global impact. We come from diverse professional backgrounds, share a passion for the social sector and the work our client partners are doing, and take enormous pride in the services we deliver.

We help organizations solve the world’s social problems, so we need creative and flexible problem solvers, open-minded and outspoken communicators, and smart and confident strategists. We value people who take initiative, think and work fast, have an eye for detail and welcome collaboration.

Joining our team offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, enabling you to continuously gain expertise as you engage with global organizations focused on a variety of issue areas, including health, technology, education, environment, food security, youth issues, women’s empowerment, disaster response, accountability, and innovation. You will work side by side with some of the world’s most innovative nonprofit leaders, gaining unique insight into what it takes to build an impactful organization.


We believe in RESULTS and in PEOPLE.


7:00 AM

Coffee, lots of coffee. Check-in meeting with our global team kicks off the week. Share my “win” that last week a big grant proposal went out, and one of my clients was awarded a grant from a high-profile funder. Catch up with colleagues about what happened during their weekend before diving into the week’s tasks.

8:00 AM

Focus. Draft up a concept note to a major corporation in India that wants to explore three different ways to fund our client’s work in education and women’s empowerment.

9:00 AM

Participate in the bi-weekly call with a client in Mexico to get more details on their economic policy pilot project. Research funders that can potentially bring support to the project to help roll it out.

10:00 AM

Say good night to the San Francisco team! Meanwhile, India’s work day has started. Time to have a brief Skype conversation with a client’s local country director to clarify anticipated program outcomes and some issues around the proposed project budget.

11:00 AM

The internal online chat room pings with links to articles about the social sector, California start-ups and client updates, interspersed with restaurant reviews, memes about current events, and funny photos of cats. Bookmark some of the links for reading later.

11:30 AM

Get pulled into a lively debate with teammates about the new investment focus of the Gates Foundation, USAID, and other majors funders on mobile banking systems for rural poor. Team is eagerly awaiting program outcomes to see if this approach works well in our clients’ program countries.


Lunch is delivered by bike courier to the office. Step out with colleagues for a breather and some ice cream.

1:00 PM

Conduct interview by Skype with a young woman in Laos who was a beneficiary of a client’s employment training program. File notes for later use. Success stories always make project proposals more compelling!

2:00 PM

Finish up the concept note and send to the editor, then stop by her desk to make plans to discuss her suggestions tomorrow. Gather in the office living room for coffee and snacks with teammates to read and discuss all the content produced in the last two weeks.

3:00 PM

Step into the regular check-in call with our client in Kenya. All clear on the work plan for the month ahead! Divvy up tasks and set deadlines with teammates.

4:00 PM

Head out to a social enterprise panel for students. Aim to inspire a few to join the field!